We specialise in helping people who are dissatisfied with their current health, fitness and body composition.


We are a husband and wife team, who are passionate about helping people like you take control of your health & fitness.

We help you to understand how to eat flexibly for optimal health, whilst including social occasions, whether your goal is fat loss, weight maintenance or muscle gain. Life is for living and we understand that people want to enjoy life whilst still improving their health & fitness.

We build exercise programmes that are evidence-based and individualised to you, because you matter. There are no `off the shelf` plans or short term transformation competitions within our scope of services, we put you front and centre of everything we do.

We create a community for our members to thrive as part of. We can help you enjoy the process, whilst achieving amazing results, with prices starting from as little as £79 per month:


For in person training we cover Leeds, Wakefield and surrounding areas.

For online coaching options, location is no barrier. We can coach you online wherever in the world you are.


After taking a break in 2019 from a long career in business management, I was driven by a passion and desire to help people with their health & fitness. I re-trained as a Level 3 Personal Trainer, graduating in November 2020 from the Lift the Bar Training course in Stafford, renowned in the fitness industry as one of the best evidence-based training providers in the market.

Having undergone a body composition transformation of my own between 2016 and 2018, under the expert guidance of an online fat loss coach, I am acutely aware of how powerful making such a pivotal change to your life is. I am proud to be able to support people through that same process now, helping others to regain control of their quality of life and their health, like I did.

If you are looking for an empathetic, non-judgemental and straight talking Coach, who will provide the accountability, structure and expert guidance for you to achieve your health & fitness goals, then I would love to help you!

Email: matt@farrell-fitness.co.uk
Phone: 07368 863 102


I am a Consultant in Emergency Medicine at a high profile NHS Hospital locally in West Yorkshire, working in the A&E department and running my own Musculoskeletal (MSK) clinics for injury diagnosis and rehabilitation. I also have a master’s degree in Sports & Exercise Medicine.

Exercise and healthy living is my overriding passion and I train at a local CrossFit gym 5-6 times per week, where I also coach CrossFit classes and conduct inductions with new members. I am qualified as a CrossFit Level 1 Coach and I specialise in Olympic weightlifting, strength training and functional fitness.

Email: emma@farrell-fitness.co.uk
Phone: 07368 863 102

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